Subtitle: 72011
Price: 1350
Headline: Multifunction charger with optimized programming ideal for beginners through to race users
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In the box:
  • Charger body
  • AAA battery compatible adapter (set in the body)
  • AC adapter (PSE certified)
  • instruction manual
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Compact size of this multi-cell charger fits on the palm of your hand and optimizes battery performance for MINI-Z racers and also for those who drive just for fun. In addition to 6 modes for normal management of battery charging; charge/discharge/cycle/storage/active/analyze, optional settings for charging (max 3A), discharging (max 1.5A) and delta-peak cutoff voltage (3mV to 15mV) are available for racing competition. Also, these settings remain until the charger is switched off and applies to all slots so there is no need reset for each charge or discharge. In addition to these functions,...

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